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Why corporate communications should lighten up

CIB_May_61.qxd:Layout 1In the course of my series on how to survive the media recession, I talked about investigating membership professional organisations in order to boost your profile.

I also mentioned that I had written a free piece for the member magazine of Communicators in Business, the organisation for corporate communications writers and editors. The idea was to try to boost my profile in the world of corporate comms.

It’s about how businesses and public sector organisations often seem very frightened of actually having a personality – as if being somehow identifiable risked harming their brand image.

But this misses a crucial point – squeezing out any personality from an organization risks damaging its brand just as much, if not more so.

For anyone who’s interested in how the piece worked out, here’s a link to the feature. (Unfortunately it’s a PDF, as the magazine doesn’t get uploaded to the CiB web site.)

As and when I dig deep and take out membership, I’ll report back on how effective it is as a marketing tool.



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