My life in journalism so far

  • 1989: Staggered into my first publishing job at a magazine called Production Engineer. I thought it might have something to do with music studios. I was very wrong. Ended up editing a newsletter about Industrial Management. Could things get any better?
  • 1991: To avoid a relocation to Stevenage (well, seriously), moved over to the glossy world of consumer magazines. As deputy production editor of Gardener’s World magazine, I spent way too much time looking up plant names. Great subbing experience though.
  • 1993: Went freelance and found my way back to the business-to-business press – home at last. Worked on the production desk for Haymarket marketing titles mainly for a while doing layout and sub-editing, but then branched out into feature writing and putting together sponsored supplements. Yes, I know that’s advertorial. Get over it.
  • 1996: First went online. Oooh. Tried to get employers to embrace remote working. Largely failed. Realised how publishing often lags behind technology.
  • 1997: Went to Seattle and the Pacific North West for a while. Loved it so much that I wanted to live there. Got as far as Farnham, eventually.
  • 1999: Started working for digital marketing titles including Revolution and Internet Business. Then the dotcom crash happened. It really wasn’t my fault. Around this time I also got into the whole online CMS thing – updating web sites, learning some HTML and wondering why no one in publishing seemed to plan their content for online or have an online strategy.
  • 2000s: Spent a lot of time writing emerging market country reports and business and technology features, writing online news, and sub-editing on financial titles and mobile telecoms magazines. And moving house a lot.
  • 2007: Frustrated with the quality of output from raw journalism graduates, I moved into training – initially feature writing and online production.
  • 2008: Started blogging – a bit late to the party. Also couldn’t quite get it right at first.
  • 2008: Spent three months in Bristol learning stopframe animation. Fantastic. No money in it, sadly.
  • 2008: Failed to take up a job as lecturer in online journalism at UCA Farnham. Mistake, probably. Started teaching there anyway.
  • 2009: Blogging again – still can’t get it right probably, but now much happier with it. Moved into corporate writing and I’m also now teaching at Solent University. Learning Drupal and Joomla in slivers of spare time.

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