Great beginner’s guide to CSS

I’ve just come across this simple start-up tutorial to cascading style sheets (CSS), which is ideal for the absolute beginner.

Much like style sheets in QuarkXPress and InDesign, CSS is at the heart of the look-and-feel of content management systems (CMS). But unlike style sheets in QuarkXPress and InDesign, CSS code looks like, well, code. So it can be a bit daunting for novices (like me). 

It’s heartening that the author even made a mess of his own code, so the example doesn’t quite work. Instead, you’ll need to download the updated zip files he’s provided. 

Once you do, however, you can spend many happy minutes changing font style, colour and size. Before getting bored and wondering if that’s all there is to CSS.

It isn’t! Follow up with the CSS tutorial on and wet Sunday afternoons will never be the same….



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2 responses to “Great beginner’s guide to CSS

  1. Hi Simon! Kind regards from the beautiful but rainy and stomry Porta Westfalica! Reading this I couldn’t resist … totally made my day a while ago. Hello also from Jessica!


  2. freelanceunbound

    Ah – I never said CSS was awesome: just that it is great to be able to start understanding it!

    Keep brewing that coffee…

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