Build a better profile online

Just discovered this post about how a journalist reworked her Google ranking to make her online presence better reflect her work.

Very interesting. The blogger – Susan Mernit – has done a good job filling her post with useful links and actually giving a clearer precis of what the journalist – Julia Angwin – actually did.

I see my first error has been not to call this blog ‘Simon Clarke Unbound’, as having your own name as top billing is crucial to me-me-me SEO. But then people might have got the wrong idea about the content and I wouldn’t be able to access it in the office.

I plan to give this a go, and see if it makes a difference to my [strangely negligible] web presence. Part of my problem is that a lot of my written content has been published by Haymarket’s trade titles and actually not been uploaded to its web sites. Or uploaded and then lost – hat tip HR Magazine.

Also, I love the web. I arrived at this post via a blog about surviving redundancy from AOL, that was linked to by a post in the Whatever. Just how does anyone get any work done these days?


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