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Twitter RIP (apparently)

Yes – just as I’ve sorted a Twitter feed, it is revealed in Revolution magazine that Twitter is, like, so five minutes ago.

Jeez, guys – can’t you give me a break here and let me catch up with the zeitgeist?

Now I’ve got to start Yammering or Spotifying, or maybe get all Seesmic on your asses.

Or I might just switch off the whole social networking thing and watch TV. Just for an evening…


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More on in-blog Twittering

The Twitter feed seems to have settled down and be updating regularly, thankfully. It’s interesting being able to get these two technologies to talk to each other.

Whether the content of the Tweets is actually worth anything is another matter of course. But I’ve already clicked through to an interesting piece on how an item of journalism wound up being republished by another publisher without links or enough attribution, thus killing its value for the originator. A hot topic, and one that will become more and more important as we web* more content.

*Using “web” in this case as a transitive verb. Is this a neologism? Probably not…

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Twitter feed update

Well, after a bit of random copying and pasting of RSS links, I have got some kind of feed visible in the sidebar column. But bizarrely, it bears no relation to the Tweetfeed I copied it from, and if you click through to the RSS feed itself, it bears no relation to that either.

In fact, I have no idea how these Tweets are being generated. Which leads me to think this may not be the added-value bonus that it is supposed to be.

I’m going to leave it up for a while, just to emphasise how tricky the web can be, and to remind myself how difficult it is to be clever. Let it be a lesson in humility.

I suspect that all this might work a lot better if I had a properly hosted blog, with full plugin functionality. And all this after less than a month of real posting! Next stop Joomla

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Problems with Twitter feed

TweetfeedThe nice folk at BlogCatalog sent me a link to use their new Tweetfeed service, which allows you to create a custom Twitter feed on the topic of your choice (say, journalism, just to pluck something out of the air) and then stick the feed on your blog via a widget.

Typically, of course, I can’t get it to work – though it’s in Beta, so it may not be my fault. After tripping up over their search syntax, I managed to sort out a feed OK – but when I tried to add it to Freelance Unbound, it wouldn’t play ball. Instead of looking like this, it just comes up as a link under the blog roll on the right.

I’m not a huge Twitter fan – it’s a bit too much like SMS for my taste. And unlike blogging, which you can kind of do on your own as it has other, non-social-network uses, you really have to build a network for it to mean anything.

Having said that, I can see its uses in things like microblog reporting from live events (I followed the London Mayoral elections in 2008 on the London Paper micro blog as it happens, as it was the only thing like live coverage that seemed to be available where I was, since I didn’t have a TV).

Out of technical interest, then, I’m going to keep trying to add various social networking functions to this blog. Even if I am too old to actually get anything out of them…

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Technorati: yesterday’s thing

Apparently Technorati is as dead as print publishing, according to the WordPress cognoscenti. So I’ve also registered on BlogCatalog – the blogger’s social network. Now to figure out how to add those stumbling and digging things on to my posts…

UPDATE: Now I have to wait 24 hours for a real person to approve my blog. Imagine! How 20th century!

UPDATE 2: Will these social bookmarkings work? My god! They do! Now I have to post something worth passing on – curses…

add to : Add to Blinkslist : add to furl : Digg it : add to ma.gnolia : Stumble It! : add to simpy : seed the vine : : : TailRank : post to facebook

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Unlocking the mysteries of Technorati

I’ve just registered with Technorati [no idea how it works, but I think it’s one of the rules of blogging].

I find I have a ranking of 4,770,814.

As the great David St Hubbins might have said, that’s a bit too much flaming perspective…

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Daily Mail and social networking: a fisking

So, ever-reliable blog fodder the Daily Mail believes social networking sites damage children’s brains.

A selection of accurate criticism about the lack of evidence beyond one person’s opinion based on one anecdote can be found here in the comments to a Cafe Hayek post, so I won’t bother adding to that.

But seriously – how can you read the following and trust anything the Mail has to say about the matter:

But while the sites are popular – and extremely profitable – a growing number of psychologists and neuroscientists believe they may be doing more harm than good.

No, really – can’t they just use Google for a few seconds to check? If they did they’d quickly find out that Twitter makes no money at all – unless you think that $35 million in VC funding is actually income (which, given the Mail‘s general economic illiteracy, actually wouldn’t surprise me).

Oh, and nor does Facebook, actually – it bled an estimated $150 million in cash in 2008, and founder Mark Zuckerberg has admitted he doesn’t really know how to monetise the site. (Nor does he seem that bothered about it – shades of the dotcom bubble).

No research, no thought. Another day on Fleet Street…

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